AIRBUS A380 LANDING with an EMBRAER ERJ-170 Departing ahead + 5 Departures (4K)

This Airbus A380 was one of the last A380 Landings at DUS before they stopped flying here due to the crisis. Just look at the crazy traffic. There was even a traffic jam on taxiway Mike with several big jets. Nowadays we can be happy at Düsseldorf if we see a single Airbus A330 in action. I hope the traffic will be as good as in this video again in summer 2021. I am not expecting the traffic to be normal again this year although many airlines announced they would return to Düsseldorf in autumn.

Emirates for example currently plans to come back to DUS from 01.09.20 but first of all with one daily flight which will be operated by a Boeing 777-300. From October the A380 should be back. Let` s hope for the best.

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