AIRBUS A380 CROSSWIND LANDING + GO AROUND + A380 Crosswind Best off (4K)

Airbus A380 crosswind landings are always quite special and that` s why I decided to compile the best A380 crosswind landings I have filmed in a sole video. The first landing of the Emirates 380 at Düsseldorf had some issues to keep the Airbus on the centerline and this was the most spectacular heavy landing I have ever seen. The wind wasn` t that strong that day, I assume the pilot just used way too much rudder.

Also note the go around of another Emirates Airbus A380 at Amsterdam Schiphol. It was the first and only time I saw a go around of this mega airbus. All in all I have to see the A380 is usually quite stable during crosswinds. While smaller airplanes like the Boeing 737 or A320 struggle with the strong wind the Airbus 380 just glides in quite peacefully.

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