(4K) The Best of 2020 - 2+ Hours of Highlights Watching Airplanes / Planespotting Chicago ORD/MDW

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This video was meant to be uploaded quite some time ago around New Year's but due to some file and upload issues I was unable to. I've uploaded it now at the earliest I could.

I normally have not done a year end highlights video for other years but for 2020 I felt it is appropriate. Perhaps no year in recent history, with the exception of 2001, has had the same impact on the aviation scene as this year. So many airplanes and aircraft types have gone into storage at one time or another, many of them leaving the skies permanently. Several things I thought I'd never see at Chicago O'Hare became commonplace such as empty terminal halls or Antonovs and Ilyushins.

Although in many ways 2020 was a difficult year for many in so many ways, when it comes to planespotting, this has been the single greatest year I have ever had filming aviation at Chicago O'Hare. There have been many misses but there have been so many wins as well. As I wave 2020 off into the sunset of the eons of time, I will look back fondly on the good times I had with thankfulness for the lessons learned, the experiences had, the friends made, the moments of happiness, and all the things I especially enjoyed.

Here then are many of my favorite moments of aviation film from the year 2020.

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