ANTONOV AN22 performs a WINGWAVE after Departure of the BIGGEST PROPELLER PLANE in the world (4K)

This Antonov AN22 Departure wasn` t quite normal but I only figured out what was going on one week after I uploaded my departure video of the AN22 a few weeks ago. Right after departure the biggest propeller plane in the world performed a "wing wave" which is normally only seen during airshows when an airplane leaves the airshow for example. It` s a way to say "good bye" to the watching audience. The airplane just banks to the right and then banks to the left which is considered as "Waving" in the aviation language. This time Sam Chui was on board this Antonov An22 and flew from Leipzig to Bremen and back to Leipzig. The wing wave was meant for the video crew which was filming on the ground. By coincidence I was there aswell to film this beautiful Antonov once again after I have already seen it in 2017 in Belgium.

Pretty awesome to see a wing wave of the Antonov An22. There are some rumours about the An22 to be retired very soon. According to the Captain the AN22 only has a few hours left until heavy and expensive maintenance works are due.

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