Boeing 747 Departure - B747 KICKS UP SNOW during takeoff at Düsseldorf Airport (4K)

The Boeing 747 is a rare sight at Düsseldorf. Usually cargo charters avoid Düsseldorf and use Maastricht, Liege or Frankfurt instead because of their cargo infrastructure. This time a B747 of Aero Trans Cargo showed up at DUS after a flight from China via Astana. The B747 still wears the former livery of Centurion Air Cargo which is based in Miami. Aero Trans Cargo is well known for keeping the liveries of their previous operators. A few weeks ago I already showed you a former World Cargo Boeing 747 at Liege which was also operated by Aero Trans Cargo.

I was also quite happy about the snow that day. Usually we don` t get snow at Düsseldorf but this time we were lucky with the special Boeing 747 and these winter wonderland weather conditions.

All of the shown B747`s are Boeing 747-400`s. The Boeing 747-400 is a wide-body airliner produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, an advanced variant of the initial Boeing 747. The "Advanced Series 300" was announced at the September 1984 Farnborough Airshow, targeting a 10% cost reduction with more efficient engines and 1,000 nmi (1,850 km) more range. Northwest Airlines (NWA) became the first customer with an order for 10 aircraft on October 22, 1985. The first 747-400 was rolled out on January 26, 1988, and made its maiden flight on April 29, 1988. Type certification was received on January 9, 1989, and it entered service with NWA on February 9, 1989.

It retains the 747 airframe, including the 747-300 stretched upper deck, with 6 ft (1.8 m) winglets. The 747-400 offers a choice of improved turbofans: the Pratt & Whitney PW4000, General Electric CF6-80C2 or Rolls-Royce RB211-524G/H. Its two-crew glass cockpit dispenses with the need for a flight engineer. It typically accommodates 416 passengers in a three-class layout over a 7,285 nmi (13,490) km range with its 875,000 lb (397 t) MTOW.

The first -400M combi was rolled out in June 1989. The -400D Domestic for the Japanese market, without winglets, entered service on October 22, 1991. The -400F cargo variant, without the stretched upper deck, was first delivered in May 1993. With an increased MTOW of 910,000 lb (410 t), the extended range version entered service in October 2002 as the -400ERF freighter and the -400ER passenger version the following month. The Dreamlifter is an outsize cargo conversion designed to move Dreamliner components. Some have been adapted as transports of heads of state or for specific uses like the YAL-1 laser testbed or the Cosmic Girl air launcher.

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