Ride of a Lifetime! Blue Angels Team Photographer In Action

Join Blue Angels team photographer Petty Officer 2nd Class Cody Hendrix for a photo chase mission! He is riding in the back seat of Blue Angel #7 to photograph a practice airshow demonstration from right alongside the other jets. The goal is to shadow the rest of the team through their airshow maneuvers without getting in their way - an incredibly challenging task!

This flight occurred in mid December 2020 at the Blue Angels' home base of NAS Pensacola, Florida. This is some of the first footage of the team performing in their new F-18 Super Hornets. Fun fact: the photo ship is actually one of their older Legacy Hornets which they retired by the end of 2020. https://airshowstuff.com/v4/2020/heres-when-and-where-you-can-see-the-final-blue-angels-flight-in-legacy-hornets/

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