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In 2007 Just Planes spent a 10 days filming the entire fleet of AIR ITALY including 3 flights on the Boeing 767-200ER to South America, 3 flights on the Boeing 757-200 to Africas and 4 flights on the Boeing 737-700, two of which you can see on this video which starts at Verona Airport for a 2 hour 45 minute flight to Dabaa Egypt and a 2 hour 42 minute flight back to Rome Fiumicino Airport.




Here a review of the 4 hour flight deck film by AvSim
The Air Italy DVD starts off with a flight from Italy to two destinations in Brazil onboard the 767-200. This is the first time I have ever seen the operations of this aircraft from the cockpit view and I was quite pleased with the experience. While the DVD starts off with a fairly normal flight and cabin crew briefing and walk around inspection of the aircraft, throughout the flight there was never any in-depth cockpit presentation.
Most of the interesting sights on this flight to South American were the cabin service, Capt’s explanation of balancing fuel tanks and the lush green mountain terrain of Brazil. The return flight to Italy was also interesting because even though as mentioned before there was no cockpit presentation, viewers are able to clearly observe the procedures to be followed on long haul flights of this nature.
The documentary smoothly continues on to the 757-200 flight from Verona to Tanzania and Kenya. From the moment I saw these listed destinations I thought of the many interesting sights that will be seen from the cockpit both in cruise and landing. However, due to the fact that these flights were conducted at night, the only sights viewer are be able to see is lighting from a thunderstorm, St.Elmo’s fire on the cockpit window and the well known Mt. Kilimanjaro over Kenya as the sun rises. The landing in Tanzania was quite rough mostly due to what seems to be very poor runway conditions.
The return flight onboard the 757 proved to be quite similar to the 767 as once more there is no exclusive cockpit presentation but a showcase of the crew’s normal flight duties. The cabin service was also highlighted on the return flight and it really shows the hard work that goes into providing these services to passengers. It also occurred to me that clips of the cabin crew and their service surely gives viewers incite into how friendly the flight attendants are and how good the food is for a particular airline.
Finally, the DVD draws to a conclusion with the 737-700 roundtrip flight from Verona to Egypt and Milan Malpensa Italy. Following the pattern of the previous flights, the 737 flight features a walk around of the aircraft, cabin service and a brief explanation of the flight progress and procedures employing at times a few interesting camera angles.
While this DVD isn’t as intense when it comes to learning about the various aircraft, it is certainly not boring. I think this DVD is well worth your time as it provides 240mins of insightful information, stunning sunrises and an opportunity to see various parts of the world, all from your living room.

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