AIRBUS A380 DEPARTURE with a BOEING 747 passing by - A380 Paradise at Frankfurt (4K)

An Airbus A380 of Lufthansa departed on runway 07L while a Lufthansa Boeing 747 just arrived on runway 07R and taxied to its gate. This is my favorite scene I have ever filmed at Frankfurt Airport. You were able to see lots of heavies within a few hours at FRA before the traffic got reduced to a minimum. I just miss driving to Frankfurt to film 15 B747`s and 10 A380` s in just four hours. Right now Lufthansa doesn` t operate any A380` s and there are just a few Boeing 747` s active which are mainly flying cargo around the world. I also included a few more A380` s I filmed at Frankfurt that day, like a Qatar A380, an Emirates A380 and a Thai Mega Airbus.

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