A Tale of Two Goodyear Racers - the Snoke Swifty Jr. at Wawayanda - 2016/2020

This film documents the building & flying of two of the same models, but with different wingspans, the rubber-powered & free-flight Goodyear Racer from 1957, the Snoke Swifty Jr. The first model was build in 2013 as a peanut design, with a 13" span. It was flown in the Flying Aces Club's Goodyear Peanut mass launch event. The second has a 27" span and was built to fly in FAC Scale and the Modern Civilian event. Photos and flying footage with each model is shown, as they make the rounds on the sod fields of Wawayanda, NY. Film and photos by Tom Hallman, with additional launch photos by Pete Kaiteris. Soundtrack via royalty-free music from motionarray.com & bensound.com.

If you're an aviation racing enthusiast, check out https://thegeebee.com/media-2/

Thrust plate pix: http://hallmanstudio.com/Thrust_Plates.jpg

For more info on free-flight rubber-powered models, check these websites:
Outerzone - https://outerzone.co.uk/index.asp
National Free Flight Society - https://freeflight.org/
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