ANTONOV AN-74 LANDING - The weirdest plane in the world? (4K)

The Antonov An74 might be the weirdest airplane in the world. What do you thing? In my opinion it` s quite weird, but georgeous aswell. You don` t see these kind of raritys every day and it was definitly a pleasure to film this ukrainian airplane at my home airport Düsseldorf. Antonov in general is one of my favorite airplane production company anyway. The An12, An22, An74, AN124, An225 are just beautiful and unique pieces of art.

Whenever an Antonov is expected in my area I try to go there and film it. The Antonov 12` s which still visited the european airspace quite often in 2018 got banned in early 2020 but luckily one of these AN12 operators managed to return to the EU. Ukrainian Air Alliance is now using its old AOC "Meridian" and that` s why they are allowed to fly to Europe again.

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