T-6 / T-28 / P-51 Aerial Photo Flight and Flybys - Terre Haute Fly In 2020

Come along on an air to air photo flight with three of North American Aviation's finest - a T-6 Texan, T-28 Trojan, and P-51 Mustang! This flight was part of the Hoosier Aviation Fly-In at Terre Haute Regional Airport (KHUF) in Terre Haute, Indiana. Watch as all four aircraft join up, then shift formation for some individual photos before performing several flybys at the airport.

Thank you to the pilots who flew for us: Elliot and Melanie Abel in the Twin Beech (C-45 Expeditor) photoship, Mike Vallero and Brandon Abel in the T-6, John Fester and Matt Throckmorton in the T-28, and Tom McCord in the P-51.

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