60 MINUTES PURE AVIATION - AIRBUS A380, MD11, Boeing 747, Ilyushin IL76 ... (4K)

60 Minutes aviation only with some of my favorite clips I recorded within the past years. The videos starts with my favorite airplane - The MD11. In my opinion the MD11 is one of the most beautiful and most iconic airplanes ever built. Also note the Airbus A380 of Emirates arriving during perfect evening light conditions on runway 23L at Düsseldorf Airport after a flight from Dubai. Currently there are just a few A380`s operating worldwide due to the current situation but I hope they will return to Düsseldorf on a regular basis in fall 2021.

I always try to catch rare and unique airplanes like the Ilyushin IL76, Antonov AN74. My biggest goal for 2021 is the Antonov An225. I still haven` t filmed the biggest plane in the world yet which is a catastrophy in my opinion. I have taken pictures of it at Hahn and Eindhoven in 2009 but it` s not the same. I have to get it on video as soon as possible. The Antonov An22 was on my bucket list for a while too but I was able to film it in 2017 and 2020 twice.

Thanks for watching, new vides very tuesday and friday.
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