Abingdon Air & Country Show 2019 Highlights

Clips and highlights from the flying displays at the 2019 Abingdon Air & Country Show. Highlights include Rich Goodwin's Pitts S-2S, the Little & Large Extra Duo, the Bell Sioux, Westland Scout, Auster AOP9, and DHC-2 Beaver of the Historic Army Aircraft Flight, RAF Tucano T.1, P-47D Thunderbolt "Nellie", the Gazelle Squadron, North American NA-64 Yale and P-51 Mustang, SIAI-Marchetti SF-260, Beechcraft Model 18, and the AeroSuperBatic Wingwalkers.

All footage is courtesy of our friends Adam Landau and Alex Prins at This Is Flight! Visit them at http://thisisflight.net/

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