SKIATHOS - LOW Landings and JETBLASTS at the European St. Maarten - 40 MINUTES Skiathos only

Skiathos - The European St. Maarten and a famous place to watch lots of low landings of airplanes. Right behind the runway airplanes have to cross a street and since the runway only has a length of 1700 meters they have to pass it quite low to catch the perfect touchdown point. The place behind the runway became the biggest tourist attraction of the small island in greece. Skiathos is the place to be and usualy we visit the greek airport around June every year, but this year it` s not possible due to known circumstances. Anyway there won` t be a year without a Skiathos video - So here is the best of Skiathos, best of year 2014 - 2019 at the most beautiful airport in greece.

I hope you enjoyed this video about the "european St. Maarten" and let me know in the comment section which airport you prefer. Skiathos with the famous street behind the runway or St. Maarten with the famous beach.

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