ANONYMOUS BOEING 767 gets an UPLIFT shortly before LANDING (4K)

This completely white Boeing 767 approached runway 18R at Amsterdam Schiphol and you can observe the Boeng 767 going back up shortly before landing. Some wind gusts forced the pilots to pull the nose of the aircraft down to avoid four white papi lights. Currently airlines have to charter various airplanes from other companies due to the Boeing 737Max chaos. Icelandair already had four Boeing 737Max in use and because of the grounding of the 737 Icelandair charterd two Boeing 767 from the portuguese company Euro Atlantic. This particular Boeing 767 is quite new in the fleet of Euro Atantic and they didn` t have enaugh time to apply any titles.

The second Boeing 767 in this video belongs to the british company Titan Airways. Titan is another subcharter company which operated a flight for Sun Express last week. It` s always a pleasure to film this great looking Boeing 767.

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