BOEING 747 vs. BOEING 737 - B747 Motivation speach for a Ryanair BOEING 737 (4K)

While the Boeing 747 of CAL with motivational "Challenge accepted" titles was just chilling on its parking position the TNT Boeing 747 which just arrived from Asia taxied in its parking position with "Sure we can" titles. The Ryanair had a technical issue and was just sitting on the apron at Liege. It looks like the Boeing 747` s were trying to motivate the Boeing 737 to get up in the sky again. This was my second favorite scene of the day at Liege last week. Of course the Ilyushin IL-62 departure was number one.

It` s also impressive to see the size difference between the Boeing 737-800 and the Boeing 747-400. I spent five hours at Liege Airport that day and in this video you can see all planes I filmed within this time span. Sometimes Liege is a great place for planespotting. In my IL-62 video lots of people asked about the Fedex Boeing 737-400. They are quite new in the fleet of ASL Airlines Ireland / Fedex. They bought TNT Airways, a belgian postal company. Some of these planes are now flying in ASL colours and some of them in Fedex colours. But you are right, there are no Fedex B737` s in the USA.

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