BOEING 747 RACES a BOEING 737 after LANDING - Ryanair almost wins (4K)

This Boeing 747 of UPS arrived on runway 14L and taxied back to its cargo parking position and on its way back the B747 met a Boeing 737 of Ryanair which landed right behind the Jumbo Jet. At Cologne they have two parallel taxiways and the Boeing 737 of Ryanair attempted to surpass its big brother. Also note the Cologne Cathedral which is clearly visible in the background. Although the weather wasn` t perfect that day it was a clear day.

The second landing shows a Boeing 747-8F of UPS. It was the first time I saw a Boeing 747-8 at Cologne. Sadly UPS gets some pressure to replace the great looking MD-11s with more modern Boeing 747-8. Don` t get me wrong - I love the Boeing 747, but it was always great to see some MD11` s in between the 747` s. Accordiing to locals the MD11 is too loud, especially at night and they prefer the Boeing 747 as a replacement, which should be more quiet according to the opinion of "some experts".

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