BOEING 747 LANDING + FAST DEPARTURE - B747 Smiles after getting offloaded (4K)

This Boeing 747 of Astral Aviation visited Maastricht last saturday. The owner of this Jumbo Jet is "Air Atlanta Icelandic" which acts as a lessor for many cargo operators in the world. Astral is a company which is based in Africa and uses these B747` s to connect its african hubs with Liege in Europe. This time the lessor "Air Atlanta" borrowed the aircraft back to operate a cargo charter flight from Hongkong to Maastricht. After finishing the charter the aircraft left empty to Frankfurt. That` why the Queen of the Skies rotated quite early.

Always nice to see a Boeing 747 in my area. I filmed this video at Maastricht airport and the B747 arrived on runway 21. The aircraft "TF-AMU" first flew 21 years ago and was delivered to Asiana Cargo. In 2009 Air Atlanta bought the aircraft. Check out the nose cargo offload system. it` s always funny to see a smiling Boeing 747 when they lower the nose.

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