AIRBUS BELUGA - The WEIRDEST PLANE in the WORLD? Landing, Go Around and Departure (4K)

The Airbus Beluga might be the weirdest plane in the world. It` s probably not the most beautiful plane but it` s very unique and it was one of my main goals to film at least one Airbus Beluga in action while I filmed at Hamburg Finkenwerder for one day. I ended up filming five Belugas and you can see three of them in this video.

I am pretty sure Hamburg Finkenwerder is the only airport in the world where airplanes occasionaly have to go around when a big ship passes by on the river "Elbe" behind the runway. In this video you can see the Beluga go around cause the minimum distance between the Ship and the Aircraft could have been undershot. Very unique and funny situation.

The Airbus Beluga will soon be replaced by the Airbus Beluga XL which is based on the Airbus A330. The current Beluga version which is visible in this video is based on the Airbus A300 and you can clearly hear the typical sound of the Airbus A300 if you are an aviationgeek like me :D.

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