20 HEAVY LANDINGS in 10 minutes and a RAINBOW (4K)

Within the past five weeks I was able to record a few interesting landings and departures of heavy airplanes at my "home" airport Düsseldorf. Especially the all black Hifly Airbus A340 was a stunning visitor and the colorful Evelop Airbus A330-300 operated a cruise charter flight for Air Berlin.

Azur Air is a new company which is based in Düsseldorf. You probably noticed that their Boeing 767` s show up in my videos quite often. I am very happy about this development because it` s always a pleasure to see their B767` s.

Featured planes:

1.) Emirates Airbus A380
2.) Hifly Airbus A340 (Black)
3.) Azur Air Boeing 767
4.) Evelop Airbus A330-300
5.) Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300
6.) Azur Air Boeing 767-300
7.) Air Berlin Airbus A330-200 ( all white )
8.) Azur Air Boeing 767
9.) Air Berlin Airbus A330-200
10.) Etihad Airbus A330
11.) Air Caraibes Airbus A330
12.) Emirates Boeing 777-300
13.) Lufthansa Airbus A350
14.) Air Astana Boeing 767
15.) Etihad Airbus A330-200 (ManCity)
16.) Emirates Boeing 777-300
17.) Air Berlin Airbus A330-200
18.) Delta Airlines Boeing 767-400
19.) Emirates Boeing 777-300
20.) Air Berlin Airbus A330-200

Thanks for watching :)
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