ILYUSHIN IL-62 - The Last IL62 Freighter worldwide - LANDING and DEPARTURE (4K, RARE!)

I tried to film this Ilyushin IL-62 for almost three years and last week I finally managed to film the landing and the departure of this classic russian airplane at Liege Airport. This is one of only three converted Ilyushin IL-62 Cargo airplanes. All of them used to operate for the russian company Kapo until they ceased operations. As far as I know two IL-62 Freighers were taken over by Rada Airways from Belarus (one of them for parts) and another IL62F was purchased by Manascargo which also ceased operations a few months ago. The shown Ilyushin IL-62 is EW-450TR and it was deliverd to Inferflug in 1985. A flying piece of history.

This should be my personal favorite video of the year. Filiming these rare planes is my biggest goal when it comes to planespotting and this might be one of the rarest airplanes I have ever filmed. Last year my highlight was the Antonov An-22 of ADB.

Rada Airways is a company from Belarus which mainly operates cargo charter flights from Europe to Africa. It arrived with a delay of 27 hours.

Thanks for watching my Ilyushin IL-62 video. New videos every tuesday and friday.
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