Boeing 747 LOW LANDING above the STREET - MD11, B747, Airbus A300 Arrival in the evening (4K)

Welcome to the german Skiathos - just kidding, but I have to say that I realy like this street and watching a Boeing 747 land during these beautiful evening light conditiosn makes these arrivals even more impressive. Since I wasn` t able to go the St. Martin this year I am happy about ever unusual landing I can film. I went to Cologne once again because the main runway 14L/32R was still closed due to construction works. It was the last chance cause since last sunday they re - open the runway again at 6pm which means that most heavy planes will land on the main runway again.

Being able to film 10 big planes, 4 MD11, 3 B747, 1 B767 and 2 A300 within just three hours is an amazing opportunity and you are able to see these planes every sunday at Cologne.

Thanks for watching, new videos every friday and tuesday.
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