AIRBUS A380 near vertical TAKEOFF and AIRSHOW + Orange and BLUE ANA A380

This Airbus A380 near - vertical takeoff at the Farnborough Air Show 2014 was among the most amazing planespotting moments I ever witnessed. While lots of Airlines are currently phasing out their A380` s I decided to show you my TOP 3 A380 moments. Number one was definitly the airshow and on spots 2 and 3 I included the A380` s of All Nippon Airways. The special liveries are still a stunning sight and I am quite happy about driving 800km each time for these too.

Recently Emirates announced they might remove about 50% of their A380 fleet and they decided not to take over the last remaining 5 A380` s which were currently produced at Hamburg Finkenwerder. Sad development.

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