THEY BOUGHT this BOEING 747 on EBAY - A second hand QUEEN of the Skies (4K)

It sounds kinda weird but CAL Airlines actually bought this green Boeing 747 on ebay. The former Jade Cargo aircraft was stored at Shenzen for six years until the airport decided to seize and sell the airplane on TaoBao, which is the chinese version of ebay.

They even sold three Boeing 747` s but two of them were bought by the chinese post company SF Airlines. The other former Jade Aircraft was bought by CAL Airlines and received a D Check at Tel Aviv.

They didn` t repaint the aircraft yet which I appreciate because I always enjoyed the green livery of Jade Cargo and it` s nice to see the livery seven years after the airline had to file for bankruptcy.

Long live the Queen, new videos every tuesday and friday.
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