Qantas Airbus A380 Full Cockpit Tour

Join me as I visit the Flight Deck of the Gigantic Airbus A380 of Qantas during a stop over at Dubai International Airport.

During our short hour stop over in Dubai, after completing a 14 hour journey from Melbourne I was lucky enough to be given a short visit to the flight deck of an Airbus A380. This was an extremely memorable experience not only was it my first international flight but it was also my first flight on a wide body aircraft. The crew were extremely helpful and patient when it came to my visit, this plane had to be cleaned, re-fuelled and stocked with food as we still had another 7 hour journey to London Heathrow. The visit was short and I'm sorry for the video only being 1:33 but as we had to be offloaded and proceed to security once again the visit couldn't be as long as the British Airways one.

Honestly this was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I want to extend a massive thank you to the Qantas Flight QF9 Crew from Melbourne to Dubai for making a dream of mine a reality, oh and thanks to the first officer for the chocolate bar =D

Plane: Qantas Airbus A380
Registration: VH-OQD
Camera: Panasonic HC-W570M
Date: 16th March 2016
Editing Software: iMovie

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