STORM Benjamin - Airbus A340 CROSSWIND Departure + Landings (4K)

This Airbus A340 of Eurowings was hit by some crosswinds right after departure from Düsseldorf Airport. The Airbus departed empty for a long haul flight to Manila (Philippines) for maintenance. I also included a few crosswind landings I filmed today. The Airbus A321 of Iberia had some issues with a few gusts and the Airbus A330 of Eurowings corrected too much and had to re-align with the runway on short final.

All pilots did a great job as always and it` s nice to observe that many skilled jet pilots. Thanks for watching, new vidoes every tuesday and friday.

Storm Benjamin was the first storm of year 2019 and although the weather forecast predicted lots of wind gusts they didn` t show up.
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