Test Glides by 31" Rubber-Powered Martinsyde S.1 from 1914.

Test glides on May 13, 2020 by the 31" rubber-powered free-flight model of the 1914 Martinsyde S.1, built by Tom Hallman. The intention is to safely find the center of gravity, before adding rubber for powered flights.
Hello flyers. I’ve been receiving a number of requests to give direct instruction for various projects or to supply plans.
While I don’t have sufficient free time to accommodate these kind requests, I recognize the need for guidance and info about
stick and tissue building. Below I’ve included a number of websites that are great resources within the free-flight community,
for both experienced flyers, and newbies. There are many forums, areas for Q & A, along with free plans to download.
I’ve also included a couple of sites where kits and supplies can be purchased in the US. Thx for the positive feedback to my channel. I truly love rubber-powered free-flight scale flying, and hope all of you can experience the same joy it brings to me. Be safe, be well.

Outerzone - https://outerzone.co.uk/index.asp
National Free Flight Society - https://freeflight.org/
Mike Stuart's Flying Scale Models - http://www.ffscale.co.uk/
Rubber Powered Planes
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