BOEING 747 LANDING and DEPARTURE + Iron Maiden B747 - The Queen of the Skies (HD)

This Boeing 747 of Atlas Air landed perfectly on runway 23R at Düsseldorf Airport and I was behind the runway to film it. The first clip of the B747 is one of my personal favorite Boeing 747 clips I ever recorded. I filmed this landing in 2016 when Atlas Air operated a cargo charter flight for a music festival.

I also included the famous Boeing 747 in Iron Maiden colours which was the biggest highlight of 2016 at Düsseldorf. Although I listen to (industrial) metal sometimes I am not a big fan of Iron Maiden, but the livery fits perfectly on this Boeing 747 and in my opinion it is the most amazing Jumbo jet which ever touched the sky.

Thanks for watching this Boeing 747 compilation, I hope you have a great day and new videos every tuesday and friday.
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