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Here is a collection of clips featuring Historic Flight Foundation owner John Sessions flying his beloved Supermarine Spitfire LF IXe over Paine Field in Everett, Washington where the collection is based. Anyone who has gotten to know John simply cannot say enough good things about him. He LOVES showing his amazing collection off to the public and giving them opportunities to get up close and personal with the collection... even providing opportunities to ride in the B-25, DC-3, T-6, and others.

Some info about this Spitfire from
Though World War II was drawing to a close, the work of war wasn’t ending. Britain wanted to help the Czech Fighter Wing—part of the renowned RAF Squadron 312—equip a newly formed home base in Plana. The Brits extended a loan that enabled the Czechs to purchase, refurbish, and fly 54 Spitfires to the new base. Among the last batch of Spitfires produced at Castle Bromwich Factory, SL633 arrived at the RAF base in Manston, England, where it was re-assigned to the Czechoslovakian Air Force with the code DU-K and flown to Plana.

Code changes for SL633 had aviation researchers at their wit’s end later in the story, but the change to DU-K is easy enough to explain—SL633 was the designated plane for Flight Lieutenant Karel Posta, whose expertise gave him the clout to fly a designated mount with a “personal stamp.” In 1946, DU-K received new national markings and another code, JT-10, reflecting the 4th Air Regiment and sequence number.

Karel Posta made good use of his mount during its tenure in Czechoslovakia, flying the plane in aerobatic performances that drew more than 100,000 spectators. The versatile JT-10 flew also for training programs—including cross-country, low-level flying, and army cooperation exercises—and went with Karel in 1947 when he took command of a new, highly selective Fighter Training Center in Plana. Until early 1948, the JT-10 worked for some of the most experienced instructors and talented pilots-in-training in the world.
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