BOEING 747 DEPARTURE with condensation + 10 BIG PLANE DEPARTURES - B787, Airbus A350 (4K)

Boeing 747` s, bad weather and epic condensation effects - That` s all I need for a perfect planespotting day. Last saturday I visited Frankfurt Airport to film a few big planes. Several Boeing 747` s of Lufthansa left the airport right after heavy rainfall which caused these beautiful condensation effects during the rotate moment. To be honest - Whenever I film planes I prefer bad weather because in my opinion the rain effects are much more interesting than sunshine without any "special effects".

My main reason for visiting Frankfurt was an Airbus A300 of Queshm Air, which will be part of a landing compilation video. There were a few interesting special highlights that day, including a MIAT Mongolian Boeing 767-300 and my first Egypt Boeing 787-9. I was quite happy with the results that day.

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