BOEING 727 vs DOUGLAS Dc-10 vs McDonnell Douglas MD-11 vs Lockheed Tristar L1011 vs Tupolev TU-154

The most iconic airplanes ever built? These five airplanes are among my personal favorite airplanes and whenever one of them is expected nearby I try to film them in action. The Boeing 727, Dc10, Md11, L1011 and TU154 are slowly becoming extinct which is extremly sad. I filmed the L1011 in 2011 and it was my last encounter with this aircraft type. Currently there is just one L1011 active in the world.

Last june I filmed this red Boeing 727 of 2Exel Aviation at Maastricht which is the reason for this video. I didn` t want to upload a 45 sec. clip of the 727 departure and that` s why I embed it in this "Tristar" compilation.

The first MD11 clip might be my personal favorite video clip in my entire video collection. Western Global had an awesome timing arriving at Liege right after a heavy rainfall.

Now it` s your turn. Let me know which of these five special airplanes you like most. Write it in the comments. New videos every tuesday and friday.
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