VERY CLOSE BOEING 777 DEPARTURE - Evening close up of the Triple Seven (4K)

The Boeing 777 of Emirates was a daily visitor at Düsseldorf for a few months and that` s why I would like to show you what I filmed at DUS within just one hour shortly before sunset last week. Since a few days the Airbus A380 is back on both daily flights and I won` t get the chance to film the B777 anytime soon at DUS. In my opinion the Triple Seven is a beautiful airplane. Especially the characteristic sound when the engines spool up shortly prior its takeoff run makes the B777 quite special.

The second airplane in this video is an Airbus A350-1000 of Qatar which passed Düsseldorf on its way from Doha to London Heathrow.

Also note the helicopter which tried to act like an airplane by taxing (hovering) above taxiway Mike. It` s quite normal for helicopters to follow the same paths as airplanes when they approach a big airport.

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