Unbelievable LOCKHEED HERCULES C-130J LOOP during the FARNBOROUGH AIR SHOW 2018 (4K)

This was by far the best moment of the Farnborough Air Show 2018 - A Lockheed LM-100J already stunned the audience with an incredible fast takeoff and interesting steep climp but after that the real show just began. The Hercules accelerated and suddenly flew a full loop which was totally unexpected for me and something I have never seen before from a comercial plane. The shown variant of the Hercules is a comercial freighter and that` s the reason why Lockheed sent the plane to the Farnborough Air Show. Most people who work in the aviation business were present at the Airshow and it was the perfect occasion to show off the amazing abilities of the LM-100.

The LM-100 is a derivative of the C-130J-30 Super Hercules. Although there are not many civil Hercs flying around in the world right now I hope it will change in the near future. Within the past years I have only seen a single civil Herc which was operated by Air Algerie Cargo.

Thanks for watching my Farnborough Air Show videos, I hope you like them and see you with another video tomorrow.
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