CRAZY An-124 CROSSWIND LANDING with the FRONT GEAR FIRST - Antonov Landing during STURM FRANZ (4K)

This was definitly the craziest landing I filmed since the Emirates Airbus A380 at DUS a year ago. At first the Antonov An-124 of Volga Dnepr which arrived empty from Moskau appeared like a normal landing but immediatly after the front gear touched the ground the main gear went up again and due to the crosswind it floated slowly to the right. Although many pilots probably would have initiated a go around the AN-124 crew just didn` t care and placed the main gear on the ground. I filmed this today at Cologne.

Watching an Antnonv AN-124 in action is always a pleasure but seeing such an interesting maneuver makes it even more amazing. The Antonov AN-124 is one of the biggest cargo planes in the world and its often used for cargo charter flights. Currently there are just three civl Antonov An-124 operators worldwide, Antonov Design Bureau, Maximus Air and Volga Dnepr Airlines.

Thanks for watching.
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